Outplacement FAQ's


Q: We are retrenching a number of our staff, does it make sense to put all of our staff through the Outplacement Programme?

A: In broad terms redundancy for whatever reason can have a devastating psychological impact on the psyche of an individual. Whilst the Programme is primarily designed for levels from middle-management to senior executive, most white-collar workers would benefit. We endeavour to align the delegates with peers or if necessary would run a special Programme for lower level workers. It is unlikely that blue-collar workers would benefit to the same extent as white collar workers.


Q: Are you able to guarantee our former employees that they will find work?

A: International research shows that the likelihood of a delegate finding employment having attended our Programme increases by close to 80%, over someone who has not had the benefit. However, since we are not in a position to manage a delegate’s outputs finding a new role is, and always will be, the delegate’s responsibility.


Q: How long will it take for our former employees to find a new position?

A; This is to a huge degree dependent on how hard they work, the extent to which they follow the Programme training, the level of salary they seek, how creative they are and to some degree, luck! It is possible that some delegates will find new opportunities very quickly and easily. Others may take months!