Case Study

One of our participants was a 62 year old, white male who had been retrenched. He had spent over 8 months responding to adverts in the area where he had extensive expertise and capability – that of Chief Information Officer. He had also approached numerous recruitment agencies and search firms – with who he had had extensive dealings when he was recruiting staff.


Needless to say, his approaches and responses to adverts were fruitless.


His retrenchment package had run out and he was desperate His self-esteem had hit rock bottom and he had lost all confidence in his ability to secure new employment.


We took him through our Pilot Programme. And within 6 weeks he had landed two consulting assignments to provide support to organisations who were implementing ERP systems. Previously, these organisations had been dependent on the ERP supplier to define the project scope, project management and deadlines. He was able to use his vast experience in this area to save his clients millions of Rands and both projects were completed to the client’s complete satisfaction.


His comments to us after he had been through the Programme were:

“I had never thought of using my skills and capabilities this way. You opened my eyes and showed me a completely different way of looking at the job market. Without your support, I would probably still be looking for a job! I am now financially independent and will never be retrenched again. I love what I am doing and am far more productive than I ever was in corporate life. Thank you for showing me the way”