One of the most common management complaints in South Africa, is that there is too much work and too few skilled people to meet the modern organisation’s needs. This may be because headcount is constrained, or that the skills you seek are simply not easy to find. The result is that staff are becoming increasingly stressed. As your staff seek a better balance to their lives, your company becomes an easy target for aggressive head-hunters. Staff turnover increases and it becomes decidedly difficult to attract and retain the talent necessary to meet your corporate needs. In addition, clients are demanding more availability of resources around the clock. It is impossible to deploy the current workforce to meet these needs, never mind exceed them, without alternative staffing strategies.


The Flexible Workplace solution:

We have a pool of highly skilled workers, from mid-management upwards, who are offering their services on a flexible-time basis. Many of these highly-talented individuals are mothers who have previously occupied management roles. As their children progress through school and they have more time, many seek to return to the workplace. They are, in many cases, precluded from doing so, as they require flexibility in the workplace.


The Flexible Workplace aims to meet your company’s skills shortage by providing you with highly qualified, motivated, flexible workers. The Flexible Workplace is where these individuals are found. They rely on us to find them working opportunities, where their battle-hardened business skills can be deployed on a basis that works for them. And of course, for their employer.


What is a Flexible Worker?

Flexible Workers seek to work outside of the traditional 9-5 working day. The options are numerous and highly dependent on the Flexiworker’s specific circumstances. They may be available to come into the office between 08h00 -12h00. The balance of a normal eight hour working day may be completed at home. Some of them may work an 8 hour day, but only from home. Others may be available from 09h00-13h00 during the school term. Or, they may work a 16 hour day for two weeks, to assist with a specific project or the demands of month-end.


In most cases, our pool of Flexi-workers will be employed by The Flexible Workplace and will be contracted out on a pre-agreed basis. This means that they are a completely variable cost resource to our clients. They can be contracted for short or long periods. Our clients have no commitment to pension/provident funds, medical aids, leave, sick leave or even training costs. Most of our Flexi-workers are available at relatively short notice and can work from home or from your offices.


What is the difference between a Temp and a Flexi-worker?

Our experience to date with our Flexi-workers is that many of them do not need to work. They are returning to the workplace because they want to work. This represents a huge difference in motivation. They want the intellectual stimulation and satisfaction of doing a great job. We have also seen that they have excellent planning and organisational skills. This often enables them to achieve in 6 hours, what most normal workers achieve in 8-10 hours. They are there to do a job!


Our pool of candidates has been successful and held highly responsible positions in their “past lives”. They are “A Players”, in the workplace and at home. They understand what accountability means.


Sadly, our experience of Temp workers is that they are Temp workers for a reason. Many of them do not have the capability to hold down a permanent job, or are in transition between jobs. If one position does not work out for them, they simply move on to another job. There are very few “A Players” in this market! A sense of accountability is a so rare.


Which would you rather have?


Flexible Workers - The Business Case

One of a manager’s core responsibilities is to drive an organisation’s performance through it’s people. A new and powerful tool in your armoury is The Flexible Workplace.



The benefits of a Flexi-worker to your Company are:

  • Talented, skilled and motivated individuals on demand
  • Access to skills you may otherwise not be able to find
  • Can be used for as long as you need them
  • Variable cost
  • No additional fixed headcount
  • Lower stress on current employees
  • Improved retention
  • Ability to take on new, revenue generating projects
  • Move towards Employer of Choice
  • No need for increased office accommodation

Skills Availablo

We are able to offer a broad range of skills across most disciplines and industry sectors, and at most levels from mid-management upwards.

These range from:

  • Finance, Accounting and Administration
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Technical
  • IT
  • Human Resources
  • Legal

If we do not have the skills on our database, we will search for them. They certainly exist in the huge pool of untapped talent waiting to be utilised!


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