You fell off the corporate ladder when the kids arrived. You have been a mom for a number of years, and this will always be your primary responsibility. But, your brain hasn’t atrophied and you would love to resume your career. However the kids still demand a great deal of your time and a full-time job is not an option.


We may have the answer

A flexi-time job, where you decide when and how you work. It could even be from home.

There is a very real skills shortage in this country, and elsewhere. We, at The Flexible Workplace, believe that there are too many highly-skilled mothers who are unable to use the expertise they have acquired because of family commitments. If, however, these valuable resources were to be afforded work opportunities on a flexible time basis, they could be the solution to many companies pressing needs.


What do we mean by Flexible Time

We would like to afford you the opportunity to offer your skills to the market when it suits you. This could be on a mornings-only, fixed-hours-perday or project-by-project basis. Some roles may require you to work from our client’s premises, whilst others may be sufficiently flexible to enable you to work from home. The latter option presupposes that you have a computer and broadband connectivity.


Once we understand the extent to which you are prepared to commit yourself, we will negotiate a deal between you and our client.


What Skills are we looking for?

We are looking for skills across the board:

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Administration
  • Secretarial and support
  • IT
  • Legal

A pre-requisite is at least five years business experience in a specific function.

The scarcer your skills and the greater your experience, the more likely it will be that we will be able to find you an opportunity to work.


What can I expect to earn?


Your earnings will be determined by the skills and experience you had prior to becoming a mother. Your earnings may be somewhat lower initially, given that you may have been out of the workplace for a number of years. This may be especially true if you previously worked in a highly technical role, or where legislative changes may have reduced the currency of your experience. However, we anticipate that within a few months you will catch up to a fully market-related salary.


This is just what I am looking for. What are the next steps?


This is a brand new idea and we are in the process of building our skills bank. Once we have a marketable pool of candidates, we will start representing you to potential clients. It is our intention to launch within the next few months and we intend to have plenty of opportunities in the near future.


In the meantime, we need you to register your details with us. Please Apply Here. Complete the registration form. You can then attach your CV and submit. We will get back to you and acknowledge receipt of your details.


Alternatively, you may e-mail your details to Sam Schlimper on

We really look forward to working with you and helping you to re-establish your career, on your terms.


Who are We?


The Flexible Workplace is a division of Laser Outsourced Recruitment, the leading provider of Outsourced Recruitment Services to many of SA’s corporates. In addition, we operate a Search (Headhunting) Practice that has gained an enviable reputation for the quality of work we do.


We have a deep understanding of the skills market in this country across all disciplines and at all levels from midmanager upwards. We network with other recruitment professionals across the globe and believe that the concept of Flexible-time Resourcing is gaining currency in many developed markets. Clients we have spoken to are excited and truly believe that this concept has the potential to alleviate the acute skills shortage they face.